Pancakeswap Sniping Bot Basic


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You will receive 2 files – the basic PancakeSwap Sniper bot and PDF install instructions.

Limited license amount available to keep sniping profitable. Get it while you can! This tool will allow you to buy newly released tokens in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually. Optimize your profits by buying early – before everybody else. This bot can buy any new token in zero seconds. It works by scanning the Binance Smart Chain for all new liquidity add transactions and places a buy order as soon as it finds the one matching your entered criteria. The bot is totally safe and legal to use – it is fully open-script meaning that you will be able to see how and when your info is issued. Your wallet info only stays with you! This script is optimized to work with different node providers ( easy to follow PDF instructions and video included) and features error free function!